Gift Vouchers Now In Store!

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instore gift voucher

We now have gift vouchers that are able to be used for our actual shop, not just our online one!

Choose any value from $5 :-) 

Gift cards!

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Gift Cards Are Now Available For Online Sales!


Not sure what to get your cake decorating crazy loved one? Let them choose with our new gift cards!

Choose a value of $10, $25, $50 or $100. Once purchased you will be sent a code, you can either email it or there is an option to print it out so you can add it to a card etc.

  • Gift cards don't have to be completely used in one purchase.
  • More than one gift card can be used per purchase.
  • They don't expire for 36 months.
  • Everyone loves vouchers!

Happy shopping!


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I took a few weeks off & popped over to Mexico October/November!

We visited some mayan ruins


A typical Day of the Dead shrine at Xcaret park.


Visited a spider monkey sanctuary where we got to sit in their enclosure with them


...lots of beach time and not a cake in sight!


What We Got Up To Last Week!

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The week just past found us doing a few new cake designs including our first jet ski!

A castle using Wilton's castle kit which includes all the towers, windows, front door & porchy bit above the door. The pieces are all white allowing you to personalise it with your own colours, glitter etc. Ours has pink fondant rolled in edible glitter.

The small flowers are made from thin rolled fondant & cut out with our Daisy plunger cutter set. The grass is piped with Wilton's #233 piping tip. The carriage is sold separately.

Along with a patchwork cake with all the decorations made from fondant. The needle is actually fine pasta painted with our silver lustre dust mixed with some rejuvenator spirit.

...and around 50 more :-)

Just a little something we put together for the weekend....

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This 23 tier was for a Polynesian wedding where most of the cakes are generally given away to important guests & the rest is cut up for guests to eat on the night.

Make Buttercream Icing like the Professionals do!

Posted on September 18, 2013 by Rae Coppins | 1 Comment

This buttercream recipe is great for covering cakes as well as piping. It makes around 3 cups.

Soften the butter till you can easily run the flat side of your knife through it without encountering any hard lumps- be careful not to melt the butter.

Add to your electric mixers' bowl.

If using a hard vegetable fat, soften till there are no lumps- this can be melted. Snocreme is a soft fat but may need to be softened slightly to make your icing more spreadable.

Add to the butter & mix on slow.

Add the icing sugar (if using a supermarket brand it will need to be sifted before use), vanilla & milk, keep mixing on slow to combine.

Once all ingredients are mixed in, beat on high for 1-2 minutes until your icing is nice and fluffy.

Using Your Icing

Your buttercream is best used right after making as it's at it's softest. If you leave it for a while (especially in winter) you may need to microwave it 10 seconds at a time till it's soft enough to use, then whip it up with your knife.

Your icing can be coloured using our gel colours. Visit our gel colours page for further instructions on colouring your buttercream.

Happy icing!


5 reasons why you need to join our loyalty programme!

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  1. It's free!
  2. Your points never expire- you don't have to spend a certain amount over a certain time!
  3. Earn points on every purchase over $1. 10 points per dollar spent.
  4. Choose your reward discount! We have 5 different discount levels that can be activated after spending just $30 once registered.
  5. Send a friend our way & if they make a purchase they receive 20% off and you get 200 points per friend! Just sign in, click on the invite..text and you can add a post to your facebook page, tweet or email an invitation.

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